Google Penalty Removal

Core updates or black-hat SEO causing you trouble? Google penalties can be crippling to businesses, let us turn things around and restore your business to its rightful place in the SERP’s.

Come Back Stronger

Our Google penalty removal service offers expertise in identifying and rectifying violations that result in a website’s penalisation by Google’s algorithms. By conducting thorough audits into all areas of the site, we can pinpoint issues such as unnatural links, thin content, or keyword stuffing, which can lead to increased penalisation amongst the search results.

Utilizing ethical and strategic approaches, we can help your website recover and perform better than before for the ultimate comeback.

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What are Google penalties?

Google penalties are actions taken by Google’s algorithms to penalise websites that violate its Webmaster Guidelines. There are many different types of penalties but here are the most common ones:

Manual Penalties: These are the worst type of penalties as it means Google has manually imposed a penalty on your website to prevent it ranking highly. Manual penalties can target various issues on the website such as unnatural links, thin content, keyword stuffing, or cloaking.

Algorithmic Penalties: These penalties are applied by Google’s algorithms, such as Google Panda or Google Penguin. Panda targets websites with low-quality or thin content, while Penguin targets sites with spammy or manipulative link profiles.

Unnatural Link Penalties: These penalties occur when a website is found to have unnatural or manipulative links pointing to it. This can include buying links, participating in link schemes, or having links from low-quality or irrelevant websites.

Thin Content Penalties: Websites with thin or low-quality content are usually penalised by Google. Thin content refers to pages with little amounts of high quality content, often with the primary purpose of generating ad revenue or manipulating search rankings.

Cloaking Penalties: Cloaking involves showing different content to search engines and users, usually this is achieved by putting words in hidden areas the user cannot access or making the colour of words the same as the background to hide these extra additions. Websites employing cloaking techniques risk being penalised and losing visibility in search results.

Keyword Stuffing Penalties: Keyword stuffing involves excessively using keywords in an attempt to manipulate search engine rankings. Websites engaging in keyword stuffing may receive penalties for violating Google’s quality guidelines.

Our Strategy for Penalty Removal

The initial steps we take to remove Googles penalties involve, a large site wide audit to identify where the most damaging areas are and why they are being penalised. For manual penalties the process is easier as they will be noted within Google’s search console which makes them much simpler to identify and rectify.

  • Following these audits and checks, we will first fix the cause of any of the manual penalties as these are the most damaging ones that require immediate rectification.
  •  We will tackle any penalties that have been acquired automatically through Googles algorithms as these are often less severe than the manual ones.
  • For some penalties it is required to ask Google for reconsideration once the issue has been resolved in order to remove the penalties but for the vast majority you will need to wait for a Google update refresh. On average it takes a few months to properly recover from a penalty but you will usually begin to see improvements after a couple of weeks.
Google Penalty Removal Services
Google Penalty Removal

Turn Your Website Around

Our method focuses on a quick recovery from these penalties, leveraging a combination of thorough audits, proven strategy’s , and white-hat practices. By addressing the root causes of the penalties and implementing effective remedy’s, we empower your website to reclaim its prominence in search engine results.

VistaSEO: Our Strategy

Find the root of the problem

Quickly and effectively identifying the cause of the problem is the key to recovering your site quickly.
Fix the issue

Once spotted, we work quickly to fix the problems and remove the penalties.
Improve the content

Not only do we fix the problems but we will improve the content to cause a greater bounce back.
Substantial recovery

Once we implement the solutions sit back and watch your site be restored back to its place at the top of the SERP’s


A Google penalty is a negative implication inflicted on your website that penalises your rankings based on updates made to Google search algorithms. This means that somewhere on you web pages you are now violating Google policies.

Signs of a Google penalty include a sudden drop in traffic, receiving a manual action notification in Google Search Console, and your website not appearing for branded searches.

Common reasons include using black-hat SEO techniques, having low-quality or duplicate content, keyword stuffing, participating in link schemes, and having a poor user experience.

Recovery time varies depending on the severity of the penalty and how quickly the issues are addressed. It can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months before your site is ranking back to normal.

If you receive a Google penalty it means that your site will either not be listed on search engine results or that your ranking for targeted keywords will drop dramatically.

Firstly, the reasoning behind the Google penalty must be identified. Once the issue has been identified then it needs to be resolved, for example if you receive a link penalty, a disavow file can be created for the toxic backlinks and submitted to Google to devalue them.

  • Manual penalties – Imposed by Google employees and require the issue to be fixed with a reconsideration request to be filed.
  • Algorithmic penalties – These require fixes that will be picked up on when Googlebot next recrawls your web pages.
  • Downranking – These are penalties that result in ranking drops and loss of organic website traffic to affected pages.
  • Delisting – All affected URLs from Google index